Tai Chi Y3D228: Body Issues

I’ve been listening to the talks on Simple Daily Practice with Peggy Freeh for the last few days. My interview may be appearing shortly, and I felt bad that I was in a high state of activity with other projects during the recording process.  This one, with Tara Leaver, was on this morning while I answered emails from the weekend.  It’s pretty good.

One of the things that Tara said, though, struck me pretty hard.  Tai chi is not fast, she said.  It’s slow, and it makes changes on the energetic levels long before it makes changes on the physical levels.   And you can see that over the last three years; at the beginning I was making all sorts of physical mistakes, and now I make all sorts of speed mistakes. In another three years I’ll be making mistakes on the energetic level or something like that.

Today, though, the issue was bowel-related. I had to stop my practice three times to visit the bathroom.  It didn’t make for a very orderly transition through the two qi gong forms and the tai chi form, unfortunately.  It’s hard to develop a rhythm when you keep having to break it.  Such is life.

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  1. Hi Andrew!

    I love that Tara talked about the changes on the different levels. Her comment really opened me up to look for changes on many levels and not just one.


    • I think that’s right. I think that I wouldn’t be nearly as successful an artist without a tai chi practice; and I think that I wouldn’t be nearly as successful a teacher without a tai chi practice; and I wouldn’t be nearly as healthy with a tai chi practice. I also think that I wouldn’t be treated as being nearly as wise and “a good counselor” as I am without the tai chi practice (whether I am or not a good counselor, or wise, is completely separate from the tai chi practice, really. But the practice aids in the perception.) All these things feed in together.

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