Tai Chi Y3D204: Four Directions

I did push-ups in the four directions quite easily today, twenty to each direction with no difficulty.  The tai chi form and qi gong form went well, as well.  I wound up doing the tai chi form twice, because I was enjoying myself and having fun with it.  The second time through was actually longer, because I went faster (a break from my usual pattern) but I also played with it, adding extra movements, and repeating certain sequences.

Basically, any time one comes to Single Whip in my form, it’s possible to jump to any other Single Whip in the form, and move forward from there.  When you come to Single Whip again, you can jump to another section.  I think I did each major section through, twice: the Golden Pheasants, the Buddha’s Twist, the Fair Lady Works Shuttles section, and maybe two others.  Quite a ride that’s very different from my usual practice.

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