Tai Chi Y3D203: Only the West

I had trouble doing 20 push-ups in every direction except the West today. The East got 16, the South got 13, and the North got 12.  My arms started tired today, which didn’t help.  I also have a cut on my right hand, which makes things more difficult.  It’s on my pinky, which wouldn’t be so bad, except that this cut is in a place where it weakens my foundation in the push-up position; it also makes typing difficult.

The act of complaining about my bad tai chi form yesterday seems to have fixed things. Sometimes noting a problem, and naming it, is tantamount to correcting it. I was able to do a very good tai chi form, and my two qi gong exercises were lovely, too.

I’ve also, maybe, discovered an allergen for myself.  I had a good dinner last night, consisting of a pork chop and some sautéed cauliflower — delicious! Both made in the Art of Simple Food way. Alice Waters is one of my living heroes, I think. But then, after dinner, as digestion set in, I had a substantial coughing fit, and my nose became stuffed and blocked again.  An hour later, I’m fine.  So what was it? The cauliflower? The pork? Or something in the two sauces?

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