Tai Chi Y3D201: Saluting the Directions

Today, I was having trouble with push-ups, so I decided to stop when I felt exhausted, and see how many I was able to do in each direction. The results were interesting: Thirteen to the east before crumpling, seven to the south before failure, the full twenty to the west, and twelve to the north.  That’s 52, a signal of some kind? Maybe: the number of weeks in a year, the number of cards without jokers in a deck of cards, and so on. Hard to pick out a message.

Tai chi was kind of an afterthought in the midst of all those push-ups, though. I’m wondering if I’m getting distracted from my message or my plan.  One hundred sixty-four days to go in this year; it feels like an eternity, but really it’s only until March 14.  That’s doable.  Again, though, is the tai chi distracting me from more rigorous forms of exercise? Or, are the push-ups a distraction from the tai chi?

It’s telling that I haven’t had much to say about tai chi in the last month or more. My form is OK, but my speed is terrible, and part of it is that my morning practice has really expanded to fill the space available; it would be hard to do more in the morning than I’m already doing. And that means that it’s becoming inflexible — not necessarily a good thing for a tai chi practice.  Worth considering in some detail.

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