Tai chi Y3D194: abbreviated

Today’s tai chi practice was somewhat abbreviated. I woke up with a need to solve an immediate problem, and getting that taken care of left me with not very much time. I performed the tai chi for him, and 20 push-ups. I may get to the Qi gong forms later, along with some more push-ups. But this is all I have time for right now.

Life intervenes, you know? Things go wrong. Things go right. There are unexpected difficulties, and challenges. But the mark of a practiced person, seems to be their ability to get up and get things done that need doing. What needed doing this morning, took precedence over my usual form.

Even then, though, I found a way to continue my basic practice. It is always necessary to have a core practice to which one can return again and again. That way, there is a core skill which you are always practicing, even when emergencies intervene.

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