Tai Chi Y3D67: Tilt the Pelvis

It’s amazing how often it comes back to little things. Basics.  Like Tilting the Pelvis.  I’ve given myself this one piece of advice again and again.  And yep, here it is again.  It’s like you get a whole different work out, just by straightening the spine and tilting the pelvis properly.  It’s like you have six-pack abs.

No, wait, you do. Really.

Sure, you (like me) may have rolls of belly fat and body mass, and they may never be visible to other people in that washboard way that’s so popular in popular culture, but those muscles are part of the inheritance of being mammals, and primates. We’ve all got them.  Some of us have them more visibly than others — I certainly don’t — but those muscles are there, and when you tilt the pelvis, you’re engaging the lower portions of those muscles to do work. When you straighten the spine, you’re engaging those muscles.  You’re working your body in new ways.

I’m sweating from today’s practice.  It was really nice and slow; the breathwork was great; and I feel like it’s the best practice in a month.  Yay.

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