Tai Chi Y2D102: beginning

For a change of pace, I thought I’d try a slightly different writing. I haven’t done my tai chi yet this morning. The hour of Saturn has already passed, and we’re into the hour of Jupiter. I should be up, and about my work. I’m not, though.

There’s a host of considerations at work. Most of the house is asleep. To do tai chi indoors is to be disruptive. But there’s a sick kid who didn’t sleep before 4am in the bedroom that overlooks the back yard. So that’s sort of ruled out. And the front yard, while small for tai chi, is large enough to practice in — but faces a major street already busy with cars.

Yes. I’m being a coward.

But there’s a stiffness in my back that’s not really letting go,and more importantly, I’m up.. I’m awake and ready for the work, and I’m eager to go do it. I don’t know where to do it right now, that won’t be disruptive or awakening to people who deserve to sleep. But I WANT to do my work, and I don’t intend to let the people around me be an obstacle.

I just realized. Up the street is a library, and there’s a grassy spot behind the library. There’s a big maple tree that I can sit against for my Druidical work afterward, and I’ll be sheltered from the street. It’s only two minutes up, and I can stop for coffee at the little market on the way home.

Here I go. Up, dressed, and out the door. Back in 30-40 minutes.

update: done. A beautiful morning — quiet, energetic, powerful, meaningful.

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    • I don’t know that I feel afraid, so much as exposed. The front yard of the house here is, like, 3 yards from a major road where there’s lots of high-speed traffic. It’s a strange place to work.

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