Tai Chi Y2D94: Fasting

Yesterday was my first fasting day in a long time. I haven’t ever gone quite so long without eating anything for twenty-four hours: plenty to drink, lots of water and my usual coffee with cream in the morning, of course (and one in the afternoon too, I admit). It’s odd. I didn’t wake up hungry (the minor grumbling I experienced yesterday afternoon when 3pm passed without a snack was just a phase-change). I woke up alert and awake. Alive.

Of course, the end of comments-writing helped. I wrote about 10,000 words yesterday, an end-of-year report on every student I teach. It was hard to start — the first one took the longest, about an hour; and by the end I was in a groove. I wrote one about every eight minutes. I like being able to write them all on the same day, with no pressure. (Of course, after seventeen years of this, I’ve gotten pretty good at it… I think back to my first few years of teaching, and it’s like I’m a different person. Funny, that.)

Anyway, tai chi after a day with much water but no food is … interesting. Beautiful. I was much more sensitive to the energy changes in the forms. I’m awake and alert, and I can feel chi flowing much more smoothly now that the work is done. It’s kind of odd, really: there was no resistance to beginning, and no resistance to continuing. And now that I’m done I feel really, really clean (ok, a little sweaty under the arms, but CLEAN). Like a successful banishing of unwanted influences.

As I sit here at my desk typing, I’m very much aware that I’m feeling less physically logy and overworked, BUT I’m also feeling like I got a better tai chi work out than at any time in the last month and a half. Welcome in summer!

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