Four Years of Blogging

Tomorrow is the last day of May, 2013. I started blogging on WordPress in May 2009, so tomorrow marks the end of 49 months of blogging. I’ve had nearly 75,000 visitors in that time, composed nearly 3300 entries, entertained 8001 comments, and made a fool of myself more than once.  The first surviving entry on WordPress that I can find is this one.  (There’s a good deal of stuff before then, but that’s because I ported my content over to WordPress from LiveJournal before that, and so the blog catalog goes back to 2003, I think… so that’s 10 years of blog entries!). Some of the first poetic entries date from that era, particularly the Orien Fragments


It’s not a bad record, all things considered.

I finished a new painting tonight.  I haven’t fully decided what to call it, but I’m working with “Breastplate” as a title for the moment.  It’s intended as a gift for someone I know entering into the state of being a Bat Mitzvah (Daughter of the Commandments), and I felt like I needed it mostly finished.  I think it is mostly finished, but part of me wonders if i’m going to feel an urgent need to tinker with it in the months ahead.

My duties as a school teacher are winding down, but it always feels like there’s lots of extra work to be accomplished at this time of year.

via Flickr

I don’t know whether or not to call this painting “Breastplate” or “Daughter of the Commandments”, but it could be either.

The twelve color panels in the background are supposed to represent the twelve stones in the breastplate of the Aaronic high priest of Israel. The twelve stones are supposed to represent the twelve tribes of Israel. In the middle, of course, is a six-pointed Star of David, comprised of two interlocking triangles. One of these, the red one, is pointing down; while the blue one is pointing up. The downward triangle is usually thought to represent feminine energies, but here it’s painted red — symbolizing, perhaps, grown womanhood. The upward-pointing triangle is usually thought to represent masculinity, but here it’s painted a feminine blue, as a representation or symbol of a woman coming into her power. The circle is a sheltering community. Through the layers of paint, a series of interlocking flowers of life can be dimly seen, symbolizing the ‘underlying sacredness’ of all life, and its foundations in mathematics. The corners of the six pointed star are painted black and white, in honor of Urim and Thummim, the yes-no oracle stored in the breastplate

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