Poem: for the Pleiades

Yesterday there was a window in traditional astrology for working with the Pleiades, a group of fixed stars on the back of Taurus the bull. I wrote a poem for the occasion, but due to the technical challenges of posting from Quito, I think it got lost in interneticization. While it’s actually a group of stars rather than a single star, it’s one of the fifteen stars in the Behenian Star catalog.  Here is the poem again:

Hail to you, Alcyone and Pleiades,
Gatherers of spirits, keepers of gales,
Who know and reveal secret vanities,
Who awaken the eyes, and drive out their ills:
You ride on the back of heaven’s great bull!
You help us to know of all hidden thought;
You open to light and drive out the dull
And by your actions are connections wrought
Between living realms and all the dead.
Lighten my work, mighty, knowing maidens
Open up my eyes and open up my head,
That I may relieve any old burdens,
And more — come to know the music of spheres,
Which lightens the heart of any that hears.

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