Blizzard Socks Us In

Photos from a blizzard

Here’s my driveway on Monday evening.  It’s still unplowed; my Lady Sarah is standing partway down the driveway, in a tube of shoveled-out mess that my upstairs neighbor and I managed to carve through the snow.  In the distance, to Sarah’s left, is the hump of my upstairs neighbors’ car.  Sarah’s car and mine are just around the corner, out of sight.  We did manage to dig them out from under a drift of snow about five feet deep, but basically they’re stuck until we do some serious digging, or the plow guy shows up.  Given that my back is already hurting from the 500+ cubic feet of snow we moved the other day, I’m reluctant to dig myself out fully, as is Chris.  My other friend Chris kindly gave us a ride to the grocery store earlier today (I’ll link if you want me to, C!), and as a result we’re resupplied with food.  But basically, we’re physically trapped here if it’s more than walking distance away.

The plow guy was supposed to come today.  Unfortunately,

  1. My street is not officially plowed, and 
  2. the street that ends directly in front of my house is not plowed, and
  3. the plow guy is apparently going to need to start in that street and get a running start to break through the ice wall that the rain has now made in front of my driveway.
  4. When that running start will be possible, is not clear at this time.

Below is what my street looked like early on Saturday morning: an adventurous few of us descended the walk to Main Street, which was nearly impassible at that point, and found our paths bedeviled many times with stuck cars, stuck tow trucks, and yes, a stuck industrial snowplow (being dug out by a frontloader).

School has been cancelled for a third day (which makes Friday, Monday and Tuesday, plus the weekend in between).  I’ve posted homework to the school website, but I’m not entirely sure that I expect any of it to be done by any of my students.  I may shift the whole week of work onward to next week, and work through some other material this week first.

In the meantime, the storm is one for the record books.  It’s dumped more snow on my town than any other storm this year — more than we got in the last two winters, in fact, in one go, according to the Mayor’s official press release.  People have been reasonably nice and helpful, given how crummy the roads are and how slick and icy and wet.  I’ve met more of my immediate neighbors in this storm than I knew I had.  But it’s been tough… I’d like to help out with shoveling and such, but… mild injury. Don’t wish to exacerbate.

Photos from a blizzard

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