Taiji Day 334: Hoist with my own pajamas

Let’s see… 365 days in a year, minus 334 days done… I have a month left of this little experiment. Yikes.

Today was mostly unusual in that my pajamas slipped off my waist, and nearly tripped me, during one of the spins.  I got locked up during the first spin in the form, which comes right after the Golden Pheasants and the kicks, and nearly fell over as a pile of cloth gathered around my ankles. Instead of spinning on bare floor, I was spinning on slippery cloth which was itself sliding on bare wood.  Ooops.

I wobbled a minute, but mindful that flailing the arms doesn’t work, I bent at the waist, and stretched over to the right side.  My left thumb and forefinger came down to the ground, and gave me another point of balance.

And I stabilized there.  

I was so surprised.  Picture this for a moment.  An ungainly guy, his pajamas fallen off and his boxers showing, one foot and leg off the ground and flailing around, the other leg not so firmly planted, right hand in the air and arm pointing straight up… and left hand crossing the whole body, left arm rigid, and a single finger and thumb providing the three points of balance (with the right foot) from keeping the body from falling over completely. Here I am, arched in space, the ball of my right foot and a finger and a thumb supporting me, a body in space in a playful showdown with gravity.

I felt like a Tony Brown poem.  Even if I’m not explaining it like Tony Brown would.

Anyway, I pushed myself back up off the floor (with two fingers) and finished the form — High Kick, then Bounce the Baby, and then Box Ears with Fists, and so on.  These things happen.  We learn from them, and move on.

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