First draft: Solar painting study

Via Flickr:
The wheel around a central dot or sphere is one of the traditional and ancient symbols of the sun. This painting is really a color study using the color scales of the Order of the Golden Dawn (19th century English magical order, not modern-day right-wing Greek political party).

The background, which looks orange in this light, is actually two layers of color interacting with each other. The first layer of color is a pale pink rose color — the hue of the magical realm or Sephirah of Tiphareth, the realm of the Sun, in the King scale of the Golden Dawn. The second layer atop this is the yellow of the Queen scale — and the resulting color fluctuates in different lights between the salmon hue of the Princess scale and the orangey-peach-pink of the Prince scale. In other words, the pink rose of the King and the Yellow of the Queen produce the variability of the Prince and Princess…. hmm.

Atop this, I’ve added a layer of yellow which is the Queen Scale yellow, in the color of the sign. Once this is completed to the right level of intensity, the image (in theory) may become a flashing tablet of the sign of the Sun. My calculations may be off, though.

My consultant on matters tarotical says that Princesses receive energy, Princes move it forward, Queens embody it, and Kings project it. If so, this image should be capable of projecting and receiving energies associated with the Sun. Not sure I buy that, but it’s still a pretty image.

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