Always be knolling

Always be knolling
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A student went over to this station during study hall to grab the pencil, the eraser, and the pen. I stopped him, and said, “what do you see here?” He looked again, and told me, “I see pens and pencils laid out carefully next to a poster for the drama club.”
I asked him, “Do you think this poster is finished?”
“No,” he said.
“Do you think the tools are laid out for a reason?”
“Yes,” he replied.
“So what will happen if you take tools from this station?”
“You won’t be able to finish the work later with the right tools… or you’ll have to look for the right tools.”
“So should you find your tools somewhere else?”
“Yes.” And then I helped him do that.

One of the things that I think a Design Lab can help with is making some artistic and work-flow processes explicit; two of the most important ones are to not take tools from other people’s workstations, and not to interrupt other people’s workflow.

And given how carefully I set up this particular workstation, and how quickly not just one student but five or six walked into this same ‘trap’, and allowed me to have a particular conversation one-on-one that ran something like this, I’d say that it was a successful lesson on first glance.

The idea for Always Be Knolling came from this video:

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