Video: Setting Up a Latin notebook

I’ll be teaching Latin to sixth graders this year; here’s my video advising them on setting up their notebooks and desks to succeed in my class this year:

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  1. I read an interesting article on multitasking at . The part that really caught my attention:

    “Puzzled but not yet stumped on why the heavy multitaskers weren’t performing well, the researchers conducted a third test. If the heavy multitaskers couldn’t filter out irrelevant information or organize their memories, perhaps they excelled at switching from one thing to another faster and better than anyone else.

    Wrong again, the study found.

    The test subjects were shown images of letters and numbers at the same time and instructed what to focus on. When they were told to pay attention to numbers, they had to determine if the digits were even or odd. When told to concentrate on letters, they had to say whether they were vowels or consonants.

    Again, the heavy multitaskers underperformed the light multitaskers.

    “They couldn’t help thinking about the task they weren’t doing,” Ophir said. “The high multitaskers are always drawing from all the information in front of them. They can’t keep things separate in their minds.””

    Boy, did that sound familiar. I’ve taken to closing browser tabs and applications I’m not using.

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