3/4 view male and reflections thereon

3/4 view male – 5
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As you’ll see from these images, I still have a lot of trouble sizing eyes and aligning them. Likewise, from simple shapes, are larger shapes built and full faces created. But errors in the sketch are magnified in the drawing, as Brunelleschi might have said — when I start with junky rough-outs, I get a poorly composed face.

A more seasoned artist might say, “why’d you build the whole face out if you knew it was starting in the wrong way?” I draw on my friend Daniel’s experience though. He said, “when you’re prototyping… build the whole prototype. See what other errors you make along the way to the finished product.

I take from this image sequence that I started with a roughed-out egg that was the wrong proportions, height to width; and that my eye line was not level; and that I didn’t position my eyes correctly on it; nor made them the same size.

I’ll correct these things with much practice, but I’m beginning to sense the underlying proportions — even if I don’t quite get them right by instinct yet.  The full set of images is available here.

Update: My lady said of this image: “That’s the face of a man who’s been kicked in the face by a horse… recently and repeatedly.”

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