Kavad 4.8 — six of the seven governors

The Seven Governors are the seven ‘princes’ or ‘potentates’ under God, who help rule our cosmos. They’re represented by the seven planets, and they’re the seven forces that govern all human activity in Hermetic thought… or at least, they’re the governors of the angels and other spirits that manage the seven major forces… it’s complicated. Let’s just call them the Sevne Governors for now, and note their associations with the seven visible planets:

The Sun – the mighty Titan, whose power overwhelms everything else. Here depicted in sketch form as a Sun-worshipping muscle guy… a big fellow, with a genial smile but warning eyebrows. Be on his good side, don’t mess with him.

Saturn – usually an old man with a scythe, but I’ve depicted as an old woman with a scythe, uncertainly watching time pass, waiting for the right moment to strike the fatal cut.

Mars – The warrior, ready to cut down in justice or dispense unrighteous anger.

Jupiter, the kindly king on his throne.

Mercury, the scientist with his lists and his symbols and his labcoat, the very picture of open intellect and mastery of the realms of humanity’s formal knowledge.

Venus – the lover, the beloved, playing in the green garden. Symbol of fertility of several kinds, naked and yet not completely without armaments or charms.

… And…

The Moon. Heck if I know what to put here. The moon is the realm of dreams and illusions, and I’m stuck wondering what should be here — the painter in plein air, the sculptor carving, the pregnant mother, the high priestess in the temple balanced between columns of light and darkness, the triple-faced goddess… Diana with her bow… There’s quite a wide range of symbols and signs that could cover the Moon, and while they’re not mutually exclusive — neither are they entirely compatible. In the next physical build model, I could put “three moon” windows here… waxing moon, full moon, waning moon….

But it feels like a bit of a cop-out. So I’m going to do what any good creative professional like myself would do, and ask a bunch of people what they think.

Now, you may be thinking THAT’S not what creatives do!?, and wondering why I dare consult with other people. But in truth, there’s a long tradition of both giving and accepting help in the design process. Michelangelo had some students and hated them, Titian had many and loved them (some more deeply than others). Schools of artists grow up in certain neighborhoods (like Boetti and his friends in Turin and Milan, and then later in Rome and Afghanistan), or around certain concepts or styles of artistry, as Art Nouveau flourished in Palermo Siciliy, Paris, Barcelona Prague and London more or less all at the same time. It was a style that all came together at once.

So, please… If you think you know what form the image of the Moon should take, I’d appreciate some feedback or opinion.

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