Taiji day 130-133: quick summary

Back from the mountaintop. Quick summary of the Taiji practice this week:

Day 130 (Thursday): did Tai chi in the circle of the dance track at SFF. Awesome sawsome, as my buddy KZ taught us all to say.

Day 131 (Friday): down by the sanctuary before breakfast.

Day 132 (Saturday): on the field near the dining pavilion at the mountain cp.

Day 133 (Sunday, today): on the lawn this evening when we got home from the mountain camp.

My practice was sloppy, particularly today. Many intruding distractions, lots on my mind, yadda yadda. but part of the point is to practice despite distractions. I had a conversation with a friend Lisa, who pointed our that her own practice dissolved when she became perfectionist. So maybe it’s good not to be perfectionist, so that the work gets done. Then it doesn’t matter: good or “best effort” are equal experiences.

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