Welcome to the Anthropocene

Welcome to the Anthropocene Age.

OK, maybe it’s hyperbole to believe we’ve entered a new geological age.  Maybe it isn’t. It’s hard to know.  But each major age of geology in the planet’s history has begun during a major species die-off of the previous age; furthermore, it’s hard to argue that biodiversity isn’t under threat now.

At what point do we change our historical and biological and scientific classroom curriculums to account for the shift in the knowledge base of our species and our culture?

Oh, right, we don’t. Because as the YouTube comments on my videos about India suggest, and as the textbook on which those videos were based suggest, our society has not given up the idea that an Aryan invasion of India took place in around 2000 B.C.

    Judging by these two videos — which are based on a recent textbook, mind you — you’d think that the issue of the Aryans was settled history. Except that the comments on the two videos, from people in India and people studying DNA patterns, say that the Aryan theory is hogwash.

So do the two flooded cities off the coast of India, in the Bay of Cambay, and the Bay of Bengal (at Mahabalipuram in southern India).   We have growing evidence, thus, of major climate change about 9000 BC (11,000 years ago) that flooded cities world-wide and bought down civilizations.

It’s hard not to wonder if we’re next.

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