Cool: 2nd Avenue Subway

New York City is in the process of building a new subway line in Manhattan, along 2nd Avenue.  The construction tunnel is enormous, and the photos are awe-inspiring.  One thinks about the nature of human beings — that, in a city of millions of people, a group of folks can say, “traffic is bad. Then someone will say, “you know, we really need a new subway line,” and someone else says, “I think we can pay for that.” And someone else says, “I know how to do that.” 

And then you get the Three of Pentacles: the visionary, the banker, and the artisan working together to produce something amazing.

We don’t really live in a world where solo actors get to do really amazing projects.  Well, we do, but we’re exceptional.  The vast majority of people engage in big-scale collaborative drives like this — projects that take years, if not decades, to bring to fruition, and result in large-scale change for thousands if not millions of people.  It’s an interesting world we live in.

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