Spreading Enchantment

Seeing what Christopher Bradford and Gordon wrote on Jow’s blog about Everyday Magic made me realize I wanted to try this for myself.  My own experiences with the Art, though, lead me to want to do beneficial magic rather than what Anonymous calls scape-goat magic.  So, during yesterday’s long drive, I collected eight 1-dollar bills.  This morning, during Mercury hour, I marked these bills with a statement of blessing:

Blessings and prosperity
come to all who handle this bill • benefits and blessings
to you and your house •
Riches and good fortune in 2012 and beyond • S.M.I.B!

The long lines are across the long ends of the bill; the short lines are along the short ends.  The bills are definitely humming, but humming in what I think are positive ways.  Thus, the bills are passing through my hands, and bringing me prosperity; they’re also passing through the hands of a lot of other people, so they’ll bring prosperity to those other folks; and they’ll eventually pass into the hands of banks and affect still others.  The message is both general and positive enough that people are likely to hand the bills off rather than deposit them right away; and the message is also beneficent enough to generate imitation.  So it’s the kind of thing that comes back on me several times.  I wonder how it will turn out.

I also let go.

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    • It’s actually already been great. I gave one of the bills to my lady, and she used it to buy a car for $1 from a relative. Already making prosperity work on many levels.

  1. Do you know a cheap source for artist trading cards? I’ve been thinking about scattering some art and blessings, and you’re nudging me to action. ( So is Jow, by extension. Holy ripple effect, Batman!)

    • I usually get mine from Michael’s art supply store, but they don’t always have them in stock. I’ve also used the Guild art supply place on main street in Northampton. I’ve never really found them “for cheap” though.

      I’m glad that Jow and I are motivating others. Luna got a car in close connection with this prosperity magic, and we actually paid a relative of hers for the car with one of the dollars I’d marked up. How’s that for benefic magic?

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