I’m taking some time over my vacation to reorganize this blog.  Accordingly, you’ll find the links along the right-hand side to be re-organized into “poets”, “magicians”, “teachers”, “webcomics” and other categories.  I’m also trying to rearrange the posts into a smaller number of categories, and a larger number of relevant tags.  With almost 3000 entries, though, this will be a much longer-term project.  In the meantime, enjoy the re-arranged links, which now more closely reflect the kind of reading I try to do on the Internet on a regular basis.

Update, 2/23/12: I’ve re-categorized about 600 entries so that they’re now something other than “General/Early“, and it’s a real improvement.  For one thing, about 150 entries were “poetry” and “magic and druidry” stuff, and now you can FIND them. Where possible, I’ve also been tagging entries, so now one can find the full moon and new moon sonnets and the odes for the various pagan days.

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