Brushes Painting: 10th mansion

Brushes Painting: 10th mansion

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Yesterday the Moon was in the 10th Mansion. I’ve decide that while I’m working with these images and these paintings, I’m going to try to work on them only when the Moon is in the right portion of the sky. The Tenth Mansion is supposed to be an image of a lion’s face over a pleasant landscape, representing the Sun at the height of summer. I think my lion is more hokey than that — I’m going to have to think about lions and suns and landscapes for twenty days or so, and fix this painting.

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I didn’t have a lot of info about the tenth mansion at hand today. I only recalled that it’s the Sun of Leo, the lion-face of the sun, gazing over a mountain landscape. So I did a quick hand version of that in Brushes.

As I continue to work with layers in brushes, I’m assigning the background to the rearmost layer, followed by the main image on a layer by itself. Then I add the frame. I don’t have the lettering in yet, but you can imagine where it’s going. I’ll work on this one some more when I’m not quite so busy it it’s a good start.

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