Deborah’s challenge this week is to work on our glamour as part of our effort to make a “New You.”  I’m working on generosity, too, part of my work with Jupiter/Tzadqiel, and so I held a tie-tying contest for my seventh grade guy students today.  We met at 8:00 am and I taught the four-in-hand knot (which is a good kids’ knot to start on).

I taught the knot a few times, and then we had a contest.  One kid declared himself the winner, but then his tie promptly fell apart — he’d not tied it properly. Another kid got it fast enough, and won a tie from me — black, with brown and green palm trees and an orange tiger that had belonged to my dad, from Paul Stuart in New York.  All in all, a very successful competition.  I don’t consider this my entry into the glamour entry this week, but it’s a quick look into my classroom.