How to have a snow day

It is sort of important to my school that we not have more snow days (since we closed for several days due to power loss in October), so even though I’m writing this on Thursday night, you all won’t read it until the weekend.  At my school, the traditional magics to induce a snow day to arrive are as follows:

  1. Immediately following school, have a “lunch” of grilled cheese and tomato soup
  2. Just before bed, flush ice cubes down the toilet
    1. They may be left in the bowl to melt
    2. Three seemed to be the most commonly agreed-on number
  3. Wear pajamas backwards and inside-out
  4. Put a spoon under your pillow

Being something of a traditionalist, I find that the spoon is highly effective, but that wearing pajamas backwards only causes me to wake up early and thrash in bed because the bed clothes feel weird.  The ice cubes areunorthodox but apparently quite effective.  Opinions seem to be dividea moong children as to whether flushing or letting e cube sit is more likely to result in a delayed opening rather than a closure.

What are your techniques?

Update: It turns out that we got snowed out anyway, so all of my efforts to keep this ‘spell’ hidden until Sunday after we were done with our event were in vain.  (Part of me thought about trying to use some techniques to cause the storm to shift out of the way, but I kind of chickened out. There’s nothing worse than doing some sort of working to cause immediate change, and getting nothing… and as a former student of mine pointed out, “the first sign of insanity is telling people you believe you can control the weather.”

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