Poem: for Alcyone

I have this small notebook my mother made with 24 pages, so I’m going to try to write poems for 24 stars to go in it (since the book’s cover has astronomical/astrological themes).  This one is for Alcyone, one of the Pleiades, and the star that lends her name to the Halcyon Days, the rest period after the Saturnalia that classical Romans observed. One symbol of the Halcyon Days, at least according to Shakespeare, was or is the Kingfisher, a small blue bird with awhile throat band.

Good night, Alcyone, now at mid-heaven
At the hour when I would seek my bed:
Among sisters, you’re brightest of seven;
Too often we lump you with them, instead
Of remarking your own youthful beauty.
Friend to sailors, kingfisher’s falconer:
Poseidon your lover gave you daughters,
Oft named by an ancient astronomer
Moonlighting as poet. Send their laughters
Down to  us — Let their benefic voices
guide us in these times to better choices.

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