Signing Up Participants through Google Docs

I’m running several conferences and programs at my school these days, and I’ve wound up using the FORMS tool at Google Docs to create the sign-up sheets.  It’s great for me — I’ve turned the job of collecting names and numbers and grade levels and all the technical information I need about each student and adult to a computer.  I’ve also turned over the job of keeping the list organized and readable to the computer, too.  And the job of signing up is now in the hands of adults and students — and part of their job in this is to be responsible enough to sign up, if they want to do it.

Any other readers use Google Docs this way? Any others worry about providing information to Google in this fashion?  I have to say, without a tool like this, we’d have a great deal of difficulty organizing this kind of internal conference.

Update: I hadn’t realized this for some reason, but this is my 2,400th post ever.  One of my new goals is to make it to 2500 posts by the end of school.

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