Vacation’s Over — Happy New Year!

If you’re at all like me as a teacher, your vacation wasn’t really very restful.

Chances are that school ended in a whirlwind of parties and projects.  And then, you set your school life down for… a whirlwind of parties, projects and shopping for family and friends. Travel to and from destinations both exotic and mundane.  Family reunions, conferences, community gatherings.  Meetings of your church, your temple, your circle.  There was likely little time for solo work.  Your family wanted another hour.  Your loved ones just wanted a little more time, a little more space with you.  Perhaps there was an emotional moment or two as the old year went out and the new year came in.  There was a resolution or two made in the giddy moments ere midnight that seem unbearably impossible in the cold, wan light of the first of January.

If you’re an American school teacher, chances are pretty good that you have tomorrow off as a federal holiday.  Take the time, if you have the day off, to refocus yourself.  Get out of the house, and get away from the family, and begin the process of re-engagement with the work of teaching.  Evaluate those resolutions and figure out how you’ll achieve them.

And you can have a moment of satisfaction, too.  Know that for a change, this private school teacher is going to be in school tomorrow morning.  Your vacation is lasting just a little longer, this year, than mine.  🙂

In other news, I surpassed three landmarks in December statistics: I had the most visitors of any December that I’ve run this blog (1728 for the month); I achieved 42,131 visitors for all time; and 17,510 visitors in 2011.

Happy new year, everyone!

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