Best of 2011 / sixty more pageviews?

I’d love to get sixty page views on my blog today.

It was kind of a big milestone for me to get 40,000 page views this year, and surprisingly, I’m about to hit 42,000 blog views. I’d love to meet that milestone.  But it’s not fair to just give you the request, and not give you the “Best of 2011”.  So here they are: the ten most frequently read posts of 2011.

  1. Learning to draw the Tree of Life
  2. Emotional Intelligence by Peter Salovey
  3. Art of Memory
  4. The Memory Palace
  5. The horse may learn to talk…
  6. From the sewing machine: notebooks
  7. Guest Post: Stephen Downes on Fads
  8. Anti-Teacher Upsurge
  9. driven by data
  10. Middletown Collapse

It’s not a bad list.  But it’s unclear to me why some of these posts have become so popular, and others have not.  Peter Salovey? Really?  Stephen Downes I understand.  The concerns about the anti-teacher upsurge, I get.  Palace of Memory, I get.

Incidentally, I bought the book, Memorize the Faith. It’s quite interesting, and it has exactly the thing that I thought I would do myself: It has illustrations of the different parts of various rooms in a house, and it shows how they’re connected, and it builds a model palace of memory for all of the various things that you might want to memorize in Catholic doctrine.  I’m not sure I want to memorize Catholic doctrine, but I may use it as the basis of my own learning process, and the process I teach my students, for the future.  Very cool.

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