A new handmade notebook

A new handmade notebook

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My mother, with some guidance and encouragement from me, produced this small notebook for me this morning. She was making them anyway for friends of hers as Christmas gifts, and it wasn’t too hard to persuade her to make one more for me. It’s both nothing special, and everything special. I’ve decided that I’m going to use it to make a poetry series of about 20 sonnets (possibly odes) on various fixed stars in the seasonal skies. if I can find out the times for their heliacal rising days, I’ll make this book into a small devotional, and produce a PDF or e-book for sale this year.

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My mom made this one. Its cover is card stock, covered over with a lightweight upholstery fabric – green, with constellation patterns printed on it. There’s a ribbon sewn and glued into the cover binding, which is partly cloth and partly her handmade paper. Inside are 24 pages (six sheets) 5.5"x8" paper, suitable for sonnet form or possibly odes.

I’m thinking I’ll write some poetry about 20+ ‘fixed stars’. Polaris and Sirius and Arcturus and Altair already figure in my own personal mythology. Do you, my viewers and readers, want to suggest some of the others that could serve as candidates for poetry? Betelgeuse, Rigel, Bellatrix, perhaps… but those are all Orion stars… Spica, and Aldebaran, Scorpius/Antares? What are your preferred stars?

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