Should I move?

On the top of my dashboard in wordpress, I keep getting asked if I should change the domain name of this blog — for $17 a year.  I’d like to ask my readers that question:

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  1. Though above advice is good, wonder if you and others who have such followers should continue using and maximizing everything that the regular plan of WordPress offers. Let your use be the guide and hopefully these “extra” charged features will become free soon or they might dissipate as their need might be that much.

  2. Have you considered purchasing hosting and moving away from I self-host at Bluehost and use WP as my CMS.

    I’m able to manage all of my domains, host multiple sites.

    There’s also seamless integration with WP so that any software upgrades are delivered and can be applied without any back-end work.

    I’ve found this set-up to be very functional and user-friendly.

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