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So many people have come to my blog about these small sewn notebooks that it seems appropriate to provide links to some of the things I’ve worked on IN them, like the Mansions of the Moon, and the related arts curriculum that goes with them; and thinking about a medieval curriculum in the modern world; and developing the Palace of Memory; for a while I was also making my own Tarot cards.

Via Flickr:
This week I made about thirty small notebooks from some scrap paper I’ve had hanging around the design lab. The paper is folded in half – lighter sheets for writing on, inside; and heavier colored cardstock on the outside. The fold is then unfolded, and run through the sewing machine. Each book has seven sheets of paper, so fourteen pages inclidkng the covers….

I gave away most of the notebooks I made as Design Lab favors, but I kept these seven small notebooks, measuring about 8″x5″, for myself. They are covered with colors in keeping with the traditional colors of the days of the week. I plan to use them to create a series of collections of poetry and art relating to the planets for which the days of the week are named. I’m about a third of the way through writing the Sunday book — partly because I’d already assembled the material, and had a plan for this one anyway. The others will be a bit more of a challenge.

If you had a classroom sewing machine, you could ask students to put together anthologies of their favorite poems, or do the page layout to a favored story. Or you could bind pages together for handouts in a way that suggested greater value than a mere staple…

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