If you had a sewing machine…

If you had a sewing machine…

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… You could have printed those worksheets on 11×17 paper, sewn them into workbooks, and given those out instead of single sheets.

… You could teach kids to make their own Halloween costumes.

… You could assemble books of student poetry yourself.

… You could bind student work together into small portfolios.

…You could teach bookbinding.

… You could help your colleagues rethink their programs.

… You could engage new parents who are hobbyists.

… You could…

The thing is, technology isn’t just computers. It is about using tools to affect the world.

Isaac Singer, inventor of the Singer sewing machine, was born October 27, 1811. He was born 200 years ago yesterday He’s been dead since 1875… for 136 years, yet his invention, which is one of the most useful tools ever invented, isn’t part of the regular curriculum any more. Why is that? Why isn’t there a sewing machine in every classroom in America?

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