Online Homework Pages

At my school, we have a policy that all the middle school teachers are supposed to have a page for each class they teach, with a guideline for homework for the coming week.

In some ways I find it very helpful.  It’s a useful way for me to frame what I’m trying to teach each week, and convey information clearly to parents and students about what expectations are for each class.  And I find that it helps focus me to organize my thoughts about what to teach, in what order, and how.

At the same time, I find that maybe I would do better to create a .PDF that could be downloaded.  The formatting is never quite the way I want it to appear online, and I can’t duplicate the style of week after week by creating a template.   And it’s difficult to add pictures or links to supplemental texts…

Does your school require you to create a weekly lesson guide and post it online?  How do you do that? What format is it in?  How does it get used?

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