Palace of Memory — Question

A student asked me to help her figure out where to store the mythology materials in her Palace of Memory.  She had stories about Greek and Roman mythology to contend with, and Norse mythology. Here was my solution.

Go into your palace of memory.  Face the east wall.  Go over to the right-hand shelf, which holds literature.  Go down to the bottom shelf, so low on the shelf that you can see the dark-green tile of the floor, and the white grout between the tiles.  The very bottom shelf on the right-hand side of the east wall has a miniature version of the statue of Lacoon and his two sons being strangled by the serpents. Put all the books about Greek and Roman mythology after this statue. Then, put a statue of Odin sitting on his throne, with his two ravens and his two wolves, with his shield and his spear.  Use this as a marker to store your information about Norse mythology. Do similar statues and pictures for the mythology of other cultures and places. 

Remember that any mythology is critical to understanding a culture, and it’s best to provide a foundational place to store and retrieve from for cultures.

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