Message to a young artist: Wheel of Fortune

This is actually the third in a series of images I’m doing for a young artist who’s getting ready to apply to colleges. Not sure what to do, I decided to do a tarot card a day in the hopes that they’d provide encouragement and intention to the artist in question, and get the artist working on portfolio and ideas for future artwork. So far it’s working.

Today’s message is Wheel of Fortune. Being an artist is going to lead to your advancement in lots of ways, whether of not you get into the art school you want. You need to have fuzzy goals: “I’m working to make my art better, my observation skills better, my technique better — not to narrowly focus my skills.” Change and reversals are normal, so expect them. If all else fails, be willing to copy the work of other artists, in order to improve your skills. Most of all remember that balance is an illusion — the world is going to keep turning and changing; your reversals of fortune are just the world doing its business. Build yourself and your skills so that the reversals of fortune stress you out much less: that is, the balance has to be in you, not in the world.

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