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A lot of my students write single blocks of text in their papers, and do not break into paragraphs.  It makes their writing less strong.  I hope this video will help them understand how to break their writing into smaller bits, and build stronger paragraphs.

Today, I taught a class in a rather odd way, for me.  I introduced the concept of  The Unassigned “They” at the start of class, showed about the first three minutes of my video, showed them the problem with the second paragraph, and asked them to solve it.  The kid whose writing it was began to get upset, so I asked kids to trade homework with each other, and find an Unassigned “they”. To my great good luck, Every kid in class had used an unassigned “they” in their homework today. Phew!

We then discussed how to fix it, and how to avoid the problem in tonight’s homework.

The resulting discussion was much richer and deep as a result, because there was a skill everyone knew they lacked, and everyone could get better at right away.

I need to teach like that more frequently.


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