P&Z Invitation

So… it turns out that one of my nearby neighbors in my new city is an architect. we occasionally run into one another during my morning walk over to the coffee house.  I like walking down to the coffee house — it gets me in tune with the dawn of the day and helps me reset my internal clock.

This neighbor of mine and I sometimes fall in together, and we’ve discussed the inheritance our town has from previous generations — beautiful old public buildings, lovely houses, porches, an elegant grid of streets with a number of pleasing T-intersections, and more.

The other day, while we stopped to admire a house from the mid-1850s, she asked me to consider two things. First, she wants me to buy a house in town, so she can renovate it.

Second, she asked me to run for the planning and zoning board.

I’ve never held political office before in my life.  But architecture and urban planning is of quite a lot of interest to me. What do you think, readers?

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