Slideshows Revisited

My school has a large-screen TV monitor by the entrance, which (when school is open) shows a constant stream of slide-show pictures.  One of my jobs is to assemble the weekly slideshow, and update it periodically during the week.

It showcases photos of the students, the Middle School word of the week, a piece of famous artwork, occasionally a piece of student art, and a variety of other pieces. For a while, I tried to figure out how to put in a weather calendar, but the weather’s just been too changeable to bother.

Next week, the word of the week is “expunge” (from Latin, ex “out” + pungo, pungere “to prick”), so the famous art of the week is a series of old Soviet photos showing Lenin standing next to the empty space where Trotsky used to be standing.

It’s a good word for a week which may see the fall of the Mubarak presidency in Egypt.  He’s been president of Egypt for more than 75% of my life; I remember when he became President at the death of Anwar Sadat, who was assassinated for making peace with Israel.

Setting up a democracy is no easy task, and Mubarak has deliberately stifled all sorts of moderate organizations in order to present the West with the false dichotomy, “it’s me or the Muslim extremists.”  I hope that Egypt pulls it together, and becomes a new model for MidEast government.

In the meantime, I’m worried about my acquaintance Sayyed, who worked at scout camp with me several years ago, and came from a Coptic suburb of Cairo.  I hope he’s all right.

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