From the Archive: Three posts

Three posts from the Archive for a Sunday evening…

  1. D&D Notes: I used to play D&D a lot with the group at my school.  Now I don’t…. partly because the new school isn’t exactly set up for that kind of activity, but partly because the students aren’t present in the all-pervasive way they used to be.  All the same, I think that the notes I took about this D&D game indicate how eager I was to use games as a teaching tool for my students.  I wish I could figure out how to do that.
  2. Mildly Interesting Meme: Back when this journal was on LiveJournal, there were lots of quizzes going around, including this one about which alternative paradigm of reality you worked with. Apparently I was a True Alternative… then, as now, I didn’t really label well at all.
  3. I’m Uncertain if this is a joke: a joke about Hisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle? I’m there. I’m so there.  (I just can’t tell you how fast I was going to get there.)

In the course of doing these archival Sunday posts, I’m discovering that I’m more than a bit of a geek, and more than a bit of a nerd, and more than a bit of an outsider.  It’s a strange combination for a teacher, but one which seems to be fairly rewarding.

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