What I eat: Dinner 15 Dec 2010

What I eat: dinner 15 Dec 2010

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Today, I huffed and puffed my way through fifteen minutes of a 45 minute session with a trainer who came in to run a Fitness Boot Camp for our alternate activity. I’d had a decent enough lunch — carrots, spinach, cucumber slices — but I still felt heavy and unable to move, much less carry out the demands of a not particularly demanding workout.

Why is this happening? I thought to myself. Then I remembered… I didn’t just have lunch today. I also had a Heath bar, from a pile that were left out in the Faculty Room. And I had a lot of coffee. And I didn’t do my tai chi at lunch (though I did do my yoga this morning).

One of the recommended tips for people who need to lose weight (like me) is to use your cellphone to take pictures of what you intend to eat. It serves as a quick reminder of what your food intake is going to be, and gives you a sense of what you’re eating over time. I don’t promise that every photo is going to be blog-worthy… that might be overkill… but it will be a recurring feature on this Blog and on my Twitter feed.

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