Spam Problem

About an hour ago, I set up a WordPress install on my private domain-name.  I had a thought that I was going to transfer this domain and its contents to something more particularly branded to me.

Small chance of that happening now.

In the hour it’s been running, the site’s accumulated twenty-five spam comments — and that’s with comments turned OFF.

Akismet, the comment filter system here on, really does a nice job, apparently.   But it means that the process of creating one’s own domain name, and going it alone, is fraught with a degree of peril I hadn’t previously appreciated.  I thought, we’ll just get our students to get their own domain names in a couple of years…

But if this is the case for all the websites that allow comments out there… well. That gets tricky, doesn’t it?

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  1. Andrew,

    Perhaps you would like to look into installing a “capcha” window, so people must type in the displayed characters (to prove they are not a spam script) in order to enter comments. I got help doing this with my WordPress blog that has my own domain name, and it has worked like a charm. 🙂


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