I may have slightly over-scheduled myself this week.

My seventh graders are learning how to program a Google Forms quiz.  My sixth graders are measuring an “acre” of land in order to get a sense of the size of early American farms… they may not get it exactly, but they’ll be close.

My seventh graders are also doing a collaboration with the second grade to create a kid-friendly version of the primary source texts describing the first Thanksgiving.  And everyone in school is working under my guidance to find facsimiles of all of the objects on John Alden’s (yes, the guy who married Priscilla, who sailed on the Mayflower… that John Alden) probate inventory…. which in practice means that I and two others are doing it.

I feel over scheduled.

On the other hand, the mom of one of my students is a university microbiologist, and she came to class today to talk about whether or not the Salem Witch Trials resulted from a case of ergot-infected rye causing food poisoning.  So there’s that.

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