Speak Truth Even If Your Voice Shakes

Yesterday I went to a meeting with one of the members of the visiting committee for my school’s reaccreditation. There was an exchange in front of our visitor that went something like this:

Colleague: There’s no money for professional development.

Me: There’s lots of money for professional development.  We have Fund X, and Fund Y, and Fund Z, and there’s also Q set aside in the general budget for professional development.

Colleague: Well, I’ve applied to go to this conference for two years now, and I’ve been approved so late that I wasn’t able to go, because I couldn’t make arrangements for travel and for substitute coverage.

Me: A slow professional development approval process and a bad substitute-teacher assignment process are not the same thing as no money.  They indicate a different kind of problem in school administration than bad financial leadership.

Visitor nods head, and makes a couple of notes on clipboard.

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  1. Congratulations on your “open mouth sabotage.” I’ve never yet been lucky enough to be working on my hospital ward when the JCAHO inspectors were there, but I always wanted to be able to answer one of their questions with “Well, what management coached us to say was x, but the truth is y.”

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