nice Kudo

A couple of colleagues told me a nice story today. One of the visiting committee members is apparently charged with figuring out what our tech program looks like. She asked our tech people — in the presence of these other two teachers — who was doing tech stuff in class these days. Te four of them answered “Andrew” without so much as a “by your leave” to each other.

I’m gratified by my colleagues’ confidence and trust. I feel like my digital program has been a useful failure. I will run it more profitably next time, for both the students and me. But I’d hardly call it innovative.

But technology teaching is much more effective when one person isn’t so far out in front. It’s better if there are cohorts of ability groups. Then the teaching and learning moves forward on several avenues at once, because several people are pushing he same kind of program-wide skills and directed learning. By the next accreditation, I hope they’re blurting out five or six names, instead of just one.

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