Apologies for not updating over the last few days.  It was exam week, and then I had to write a comment for every student I teach, and turn in grades.  And then I had a doctor’s appointment.

I haven’t spoken much here about my daily yoga practice.  About a year ago, I undertook to do about 15-20 minutes of yoga, stretching and meditation every morning when I first rolled out of bed.  It’s been highly useful to my stress levels, which have gone way down as a result, and given me a lot more mental confidence and focus.

It’s also made me taller.

My doctor came bustling into the examination room, and took out my chart. “I think our medical assistant made a mistake,” she said.  “You’re an inch and a half taller than last time you were here.”

“No mistake,” I said.  “Yoga.” And I explained my routine to her.

“Well, it’s working.  Your blood pressure is 116 over 74.  Do you eat red meat?”

“Not before 6pm,” and I explained about Mark Bittman’s Vegetarian until dinner guideline, which I’ve been trying to follow.

She humphed. “Which means that even if you are eating red meat, you’re eating two-thirds less than most of my patients. I’d like your weight down a lot more, but you’re doing so much else right.  And your blood pressure is great.”

I told her I was worried about getting enough sleep.  She said, “You’ve got vacation coming up, right.  So get some extra sleep.  Take a few days of serious rest.  You deserve it.”

So there you are.  Doctor’s Orders: take a vacation.

So I did.

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  1. Speaking of vacations, Ian and family are coming to visit next weekend (20-21st). Want to see ’em?

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