Last week was pretty messy.  We had a “no-snow” day off from school on Wednesday.  Thursday was our winter carnival day, and Friday was a late sleep.  Between missing one class period on Friday, and having the other be almost empty due to early sports commitments for the mostly-varsity players I teach, my classes haven’t met since last Tuesday.  Almost a week!

What I want to do today is review the six lenses of historical awareness that we’ve viewed Ancient Greece through — and then examine how those lenses affect one’s awareness of Alexander the Great, and the stirrings of Hellenism.

But I’m also tempted to ask them to write a bunch of sentences about ancient Athens or Sparta, that also use the six lenses.

In the meantime, I’ve developed this little slide-show on Alexander the Great. It’s not very good — too many words, not enough pictures. But it’s a start.

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