Well. The snow was originally supposed to start around 9pm last night. Then the weather reporters suggested around 5am, and now 10am is the scheduled start time for Snowmageddon in southern New England.

At 6am on the dot, I got a call from my co-dorm parent. “School’s canceled,” he said. “Look for an email later today about what the plan is.”  He hung up.

There were some brief flurries around 8:15am. I’m still waiting for the e-mail from the school that informs me that school is officially canceled (maybe I’m not on that e-mail list).  But everyone seems to know that we’re having a snow day today.

In spite of the fact that we don’t have any.

You know.


Tomorrow is our winter carnival day. The school will divide up into two teams and compete against one another in various fun activities, and then a basketball game in the early evening. The day after our winter carnival is traditionally a late-sleep, and I believe the plan is that I will miss my two morning classes.   So…

For this “no snow” day (so far… it could get awful later in the day), students will have three days of no classes with me.  Meanwhile, in the hour and a half since school should have started, I would have had at least two class periods.  Likely four before the weather got bad enough to worry about.


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