IdeaPaint and Blank Walls

Holy cow.

I want this for the classrooms of my school.  I want it in the stairwells.  I want it on the top of a Harkness Table.  I want it everywhere. IdeaPaint, which transforms surfaces into high performance whiteboard surfaces, from

How cool would it be to work in a school where it was ok — everywhere — to write on the walls?  all the time? Everywhere?  And to be free to erase and re-do, anywhere, everywhere?

This concept, like Animation-ish, gets a gold medal from me.  The gold medals were done by a student of mine for the blog.  There’s also a silver medal, a bronze medal, and my favorite… the “clueless” medal.

I’m not sure who gets to be the first recipient of a clueless medal, but it’ll be a doozy, I’m sure. In the meantime, imagine turning the walls of your school into a visual wiki.  One that anyone can edit, anyone can design, anyone can dream.

Yes it’ll be disruptive.  But it also has enormous possibilities and potential for learning.

There’s another side to this of course.  Maybe it deserves the first “clueless” award — to me.  I found this today while reviewing some of the other Edublog Awards nominations.  They’re all so much better than me… This came to me by way of CoolCat Teacher, who got it herself from Angela Meiers.

So I was dumb not to pick up on it right away, when they first announced it.  But it’s equally dumb, perhaps more dumb, that our facilities planners and other tech-savvy folks didn’t pick up on it either.  It winds up being up to us connected teachers to find this information, and relay it to the right decision makers.

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