Edublogs Nomination

So… thanks to Bryan Jackson’s nomination and Shelly Blake-Plock‘s endorsement, I seem to be a semi-demi-hemi-finalist in this year’s Edublogger Awards brouhaha. Thank you, gentlemen.

I didn’t even know there were awards until I was nominated.  In Category 10: Best Teacher Blogs.  I read about four of my colleagues on the list.

That’s important.  We’re colleagues, not rivals, all thirty+ of us.  And I certainly believe, as dy/dan (Mr. Myers?) does, that the writing has its own rewards, quite apart from whether or not I get some kind of image-widget to post on the side of my pages.

And no, it doesn’t generate nearly the amount of extra visitor traffic that you might think.  I’m guessing, based on my Clustr map, that I picked up another reader or three, this time in Saudi Arabia, and maybe another in Morocco.

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